Our mission is to help our clients excel by skillfully applying and managing information technology.

Bellwether's IT professionals have over two-hundred years of combined experience. By combining that experience with constant training and broad certifications, we have cemented ourselves as one of the leading IT teams in the region.

Management & Administration

  • Kirk Coco

    Kirk Coco
    Director of Operations

  • Deb Dartus

    Deb Dartus
    Project Manager

  • Steven Ellis

    Steven Ellis
    Vice President

  • Linda Jones

    Linda Jones
    Client Service Manager

  • Bud Klink

    Bud Klink
    Director of IT Strategy

  • Michael Leach

    Michael Leach

  • Joe Ann Perrien

    Joe Ann Perrien
    Accounts Payable Manager

  • Walter Schroeder

    Walter Schroeder
    Operations Manager

  • Poco Sloss

    Poco Sloss

  • Suzanne Sweeney

    Suzanne Sweeney
    Accounting Manager

  • Paul Westervelt

    Paul Westervelt

  • Zasha Zepeda

    Zasha Zepeda
    Help Desk Supervisor

    Sales & Marketing

  • Patrick Beahm

    Patrick Beahm
    Business Development Manager

  • Michele Omes

    Michele Omes
    Senior Account Executive

  • Jefferson Saint-Saens

    Jefferson Saint-Saens
    Communications Manager / Account Manager

  • Andrea Woolsey

    Andrea Woolsey
    Sales Assistant

    Application Development and Analytics

  • Parker Bordeaux

    Parker Bordeaux
    Application Developer

  • Nico Denzl

    Nico Denzl
    Application Developer

  • Nico Denzl

    Merrick Sloss

  • Andrew Wimley

    Andrew Wimley
    Application Developer


  • Erika Avila

    Erika Avila
    Service Desk Analyst

  • Robert Blue

    Robert Blue
    Associate Systems Engineer

  • James Bourgeois

    James Bourgeois
    Systems Engineer

  • Ciro Callico

    Ciro Callico
    Senior Lead Hardware Technician

  • Andy Campise

    Andy Campise
    Associate Systems Engineer

  • Sean Carr

    Sean Carr
    Associate Systems Engineer

  • Darryl Carter

    Darryl Carter

  • Craig Cathcart

    Craig Cathcart
    Systems Engineer

  • Cody Champagne

    Cody Champagne

  • Mark Crenshaw

    Mark Crenshaw
    Associate Systems Engineer

  • Corey Crossman

    Corey Crossman
    Associate Systems Engineer

  • Luis Davila-Guzman

    Luis Davila-Guzman
    Service Desk Analyst

  • Gerald Doucet

    Gerald Doucet

  • Sofia Gonzalez

    Sofia Gonzalez
    Service Desk Analyst

  • Kyle Hull

    Kyle Hull
    Associate Systems Engineer

  • Raymond Kaufmann

    Raymond Kaufmann
    Systems Engineer

  • Ricky Kerby

    Ricky Kerby
    Enterprise Engineer

  • Ross Lapeyrouse

    Ross Lapeyrouse
    Associate Systems Engineer

  • Matt Lax

    Matt Lax
    Systems Engineer

  • Patrick Lee

    Patrick Lee
    Associate Systems Engineer

  • Anne Matthews

    Anne Matthews
    Associate Systems Engineer

  • Linda Nelms

    Linda Nelms
    Service Desk Analyst

  • Everett Odom

    Everett Odom
    Associate Systems Engineer

  • Brian Oettli

    Brian Oettli
    Associate Systems Engineer

  • Gary Pierce

    Gary Pierce
    Enterprise Engineer

  • Oscar Ponce de Leon

    Oscar Ponce de Leon
    Associate Systems Engineer

  • Rodney Pritchett

    Rodney Pritchett
    Senior Systems Engineer

  • Nathan Raby

    Nathan Raby
    Associate Systems Engineer

  • Cosme Santos

    Cosme Santos
    Service Desk Analyst

  • Mason Thibodeaux

    Mason Thibodeaux
    Associate Systems Engineer

  • Mike Valencia

    Mike Valencia
    Systems Engineer

  • activenet

    managed IT services

    Our activenet managed services range from basic plans that supplement an existing IT support structure to comprehensive plans that cover all aspects of IT management. There is no better way to manage IT for soho to midsized businesses.

  • activenet cloud

    cloud support

    We provide a tailored IT solution for organizations already in the cloud or those willing to make a move to the cloud. You get the same quality service as our traditional clients, giving you peace of mind that your sensitive data and IT systems are safe.

  • our helpdesk

    our helpdesk

    Affordable, expert assistance is ready and waiting. A quick phone call connects you to a qualified support engineer who can solve problems remotely or dispatch someone to come on site.

  • advisory services

    advisory services

    Bellwether Advisory Services helps our clients operate more efficiently and make better decisions. Advisory Services helps clients align business processes, people, and technology to operate more profitably.

  • enterprise solutions

    enterprise solutions

    Our enterprise clients consist of banks, hospitals, major law firms, and government entities, but our enterprise solutions are available to everyone.

  • hosting


    The days of owning and maintaining your own servers will end. Today, we can host individual IT systems, such as Exchange or SharePoint, or we can migrate your entire network to our data center.

  • small office IT

    small office IT

    Here at Bellwether we feel our small office users deserve the same level of protection, tools, and services that our larger business customers enjoy -- tailored for a small office environment.